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Mader Information Distribution System

I. Mader Information Distribution System Diagram

Further explanation

  • Mader Information Distribution System can be based on IP Network and CATV System Network.
  • Live broadcast signal comes from Live Broadcast Workstation which located at live broadcast scene. The information distribution program including live broadcast signal.
  • Every PC Player has a different playing schedule, every PC Player connected with Modulator means a different program channel.
  • Every STB has a different playing schedule, every STB connects with LCD TV at public area based on IP network.
  • The amount of public area TV based on CATV System is unlimited. So the application cost for Mader Information Distribution System, more bigger, more cheaper.
  • The playing program on PC Player read from Video Server. The playing schedule for PC Player comes from Video Server. The user can adjust/add/delete/insert every PC Player playing schedule anytime, just like an Information Distribution TV Station.

II. Mader Multimedia Information Publish System Software

1. Powerful Management Function

  • Mader Information Distribution System provides powerful management function. We can control Video Server/Live Broadcast Workstation/PC Player/STB/Playing Schedule by management software.

2. Flexible Template

Normal Template

Rotate Template

3. Change Playing Schedule by request of customer

  • Usually, Mader Information Distribution System provides 3 ways to change playing contents. Modify Schedule Playlist, Adjust Content and Insertion Playlist
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