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Mader Small IPTV System

Mader Small IPTV System is a total solution for small IPTV project, including IPTV Gateway, IPTV STB, IPTV System Software, etc. It especially fits for hotel, hospital, residential block IPTV applications.

Mader Small IPTV System Simple Diagram

IPTV Gateway

Integrated IPTV Gateway

Portable IPTV Gateway

1U Rack Design IPTV Gateway

IPTV Gateway is an important headend equipment for IPTV system. IPTV Gateway decodes digital signal from the satellite/Cable/HDMI or AV input port, and then transfers digital TS stream over IP network. The features of IPTV Gateway as follow:

Decoding digital signal without signal attenuation
Supports DVB-S/DVB-S2/DVB-C/DVB-T/HDMI/AV video signal input
Supports HD signal
No need coaxial cable network
Modular and flexible IPTV headend solution


Mader HD IPTV STB is a very important client equipment for IPTV System. It provides many functions such as IPTV Programs, VOD, Cost Bill, WIFI Router etc..

Size: 160mm*110mm*25mm)

Installation at LCD TV Backside

IR Extended Receiver


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